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About Grammar Checker

The rapid advancements in computer technology have changed the way in which the world communicates, both in their work and social environments. Messaging, emails, paperless offices are the latest trends in the way the world interacts. Families communicate with each other using free applications for messaging and chatting on mobile phones. Business houses exchange all documents with government agencies, banks, suppliers and sellers via email. The internet has turned the communication world on a new course and has virtually put the ages old postal service out of business.

To communicate using any modern day technology requires a word processing application and the developers knowing this requirement have developed a range of word processors. Mobile and smartphones makers have their word processors. Computer, tablet and laptop users purchase and install office applications of their choice which include word processors.

Today the developers of word processor applications have tweaked their application to point out spelling mistakes, offer synonyms for selected words and also provide a thesaurus to search for synonyms. All these additional tools to make the life of the user easier. In fact, some of the popular word processors also offer a choice of dictionaries for the word processor to use to check spelling mistakes. But checking grammar remains elusive for users and here comes grammar checker

Importance of correct grammar

Correct grammar usage is what makes a language communicable and understandable. If it weren't for languages following grammar rules, they would be useless to communicate in. English grammar rules have existed from the time the language started being used by the British to communicate in. Grammar rules have been modified and changed as the language has developed and its popularity has increased. In fact today it’s the preferred language used for official and business communication across some countries worldwide. When the British Empire was at its zenith, the people of the countries that the British ruled over started learning English as a second language. America which was built by immigrants who brought their distinctive culture, skill sets and languages to this land of opportunities decided to make English their language of communication. In today’s America, regardless of where their forefathers migrated from speak and communicated in English.

Grammar regardless of the language is the foundation for communicating in any language. English is the primary grammatical standard across the world today. In all venues of life – be it government, business, medicine, education, research and so forth English is the language that’s used. In countries where English is not the primary language English has been adopted as a second language. Well, all this garners well for the popularity of the language, but adhering to its grammatical rules also bears importance.

Grammar is taking a beating in modern day social communication where bloggers, news post writer follow their own set of writing rules. Governments and institutions that matter in shaping the future of the world depend on using correct English for all their official communications. Therefore it’s necessary to use correct grammar in speaking and writing. The importance of learning and applying correct grammar in all forms of communication cannot be overstressed. In fact, the use of correct grammar distinguishes the speaker and writer. Any person who can communicate his or her thoughts in grammatically correct English is appreciated.

Distinct English Dialects

There are two distinct English language dialects in use today. One is the founder and standard British English and the other is the American version of English. What distinguishes one from the other is in the vocabulary. Americans think that British English is too formal and they tend to avoid using formal words. There are small differences, but they do make a difference in the style that people write in.

The American lexicographer Noah Webster known for the dictionary named after him got frustrated with the way words were spelled and decided to spell words as they sounded. He spelled ‘colour’ as ‘color,' ‘honour’ as ‘honor,' ‘labour’ as labor and so on. His dictionary has become the standard American English dictionary.

Grammar Checker

English word processor developers raced ahead with making typing English easier for users. However, there was one major area that they did not tackle, and that is correcting English grammar. Grammar is the essential glue that binds a language’s words together. Every language is structured based on its grammar rules. There could be several reasons which led to them ignoring to provide grammar checker in word processing. Microsoft Word (perhaps the most popular word processor in use today) gives a choice of grammar checker applications that users can use, but users have to register and eventually pay to use these products. It’s for these two reasons that users are reluctant to use them.

So users who wanted to get assistance on checking the grammar of their written documents were at a loss. But that’s no longer the case as grammar checker provides a free tool for users to check grammar mistakes.

Now, grammar checker has been launched successfully and its main – in fact, it’s only objective is to help users correct their English grammar mistakes. We all tend to make minor grammar mistakes in our writing and as long as the word processor helps us correct our spelling mistakes we send the document on its way to the recipients. It's only after a recipient points out our mistakes, do we realize that we should have spent those extra few minutes in reviewing our work and running a grammar check.

Grammar checker is a free to use application, and there is no registration or free trial and purchase involved. You don’t have to download and install it on your computer. You are not asked to provide your email to register, and your email won’t be flooded by advertising emails which can be rather annoying. Yes, it’s truly a free application that has been specifically launched to help users check, and correct any grammatical mistakes that they might have made in their written work.

The application grammer checker has been designed to perform grammar checks in both English and American English. Don’t be surprised if you see that the grammatical and spelling mistakes in both the versions are different.

The words in yellow point out grammatical mistakes and the words in pink and red are spelling mistakes. Go ahead and copy/paste a document into it and click ‘Check Grammar’ and see the result. We are sure you will after trying it become a regular user of this handy and helpful tool.