Do many people make grammar mistakes while writing?

Everyone who writes in English is not a native English speaker and for quite a few people it’s a second language. We might communicate fairly well in English, but when it comes to writing our skills vary. Some people are good writers, some are average and others are not so good. Some people even experience a mental block when they are trying to express themselves while writing. This dilemma can happen to anyone. We know what we want to say, but we cannot find the correct words to say it. This is where the most common grammar mistakes are made. When we speak we might be mixing words from another language. Or we face difficulties in spelling a word correctly. Remember there are numerous English words that sound the same but are spelt differently. So when it comes to writing we might spell the word wrong and the spell checker of the word processor that we are using will not highlight it as a spelling mistake. Or we might be using the American Webster dictionary while writing in British English. Asides from these, there are several reasons for grammar errors occurring as no one can remember all the rules of grammar they learnt while studying English in school or if they have studied English as a second language. Therefore a number of people tend to make grammar mistakes while writing. Look at the popular writers and publishing houses, they all have editors and proofreaders who check every document or report meticulously to ensure that there are no grammatical mistakes in the item they are checking. By constantly making it a habit to use grammarchecker.co, the common grammar mistakes that you make will reduce. Also your writing skills will improve. So don’t worry everyone tends to make grammar mistakes while writing, that’s why we recommend that you use grammarchecker.co to point out grammar mistakes and help you to remove them.