How does grammar checker work?

Grammar checker is an online grammar and spelling checker . It has been designed and launched to help users’ correct spelling and grammar mistakes. When you submit a document to grammar checker for checking, its algorithm looks for sentences which have potential issues. Once it comes across a sentence with an issue, it checks if the issue is being caused because of a spelling mistake. A number of mistakes that we make in writing are caused by spelling mistakes. Yes, these mistakes are subtle but they change the entire meaning of a sentence. This happens especially when writing words that sound similar but are spelt differently and the English language has a number of them. For example; ‘bare’ and ‘bear’ both have the same sound but have different meanings. At times such words can also confuse writers as they are not picked up by spelling checkers that are inbuilt in word processors. Grammar checker examines each sentence and sees weather it’s a spelling mistake or a grammar mistake which is an issue. If it’s a spelling problem it will highlight it. if it’s a grammar issue it will generate the required error. Grammar checking is far more complex than checking word spelling errors. In checking spelling errors all that is required is to check words against words in a dictionary. On the other hand grammar checking is far more complex. There are a number of rules that a grammar checker has to use to check a sentence. Grammarchecker.co has incorporated the basic plus the advanced grammar rules in the application’s algorithm. Grammarchecker.co is by no means perfect and some grammar mistakes may not be picked up by it.