Does grammarchecker allow you to choose the changes to make?

The work of the grammar checker is to point out grammatical and spelling mistakes – that’s it. It does not make any changes in the document submitted for checking. It merely suggests the changes you should make. Quite often a spelling mistake can cause a grammar error to occur. Remember it examines the document sentence by sentence and analyzes each sentence individually. You should review the suggested changes carefully before you incorporate them. The reason for this is that you might change the entire context of the paragraph if you incorporate all the suggested changes in one go. Therefore you must know which suggestions to incorporate and which not too. As your aim is to stay on track and to convey the message that you intend to convey. Therefore it’s suggested that you should incorporate a change and then review the paragraph. If you think that the paragraph sounds right and does not need further editing stop there and move on to the next set of suggested corrections. Once when you have finished either making the changes or changing some while rejecting others, it would be a good idea to run it through grammar checker again. If it’s a lengthy document that you want to check, it would be advisable to break it down and check it in smaller portions. For example, if it’s a book or a report check it chapter wise. By doing this you will retain the relevance of the chapter. Yes, this will consume more time but you can be sure that you have done a thorough job. Shorter documents like a few page essay or memo or report can be checked in one go. Change is hard to adopt especially when it comes to speaking and writing. But that’s the price we should be willing to pay to improve our writing skills.