Does Grammarchecker differentiate between American and UK English?

There are two distinct dialects that have evolved in the English language. One is the British English, which is the original English and the other is the American English. Interestingly there are other dialects also, which are; Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, and South African. But right now the British and American dialects are the most popularly used. Where the American dialect differs from the British version is in the way they spell some words and the other difference is that Americans tend to jam words together. For example, ‘they are’ has become ‘they’re’, ‘you have’ is ‘you’ve’ and so on. The ‘u’ in words ending with ‘ur’ has been dropped in the American Webster dictionary; ‘colour’ is spelt as ‘color’, ‘honour’ is spelt as ‘honor’, etc. With these and other differences in the two popular dialects and other grammar differentiations, grammarchecker.co has been designed and programmed to cater for both of them distinctly. A sentence that will be correct in the American version may be pointed out as a mistake in the English version..

When a word processor is installed for the first time on a computer, the user is given a choice of the dictionary the word processor should use. If Oxford is selected it will check words for misspelling using this dictionary and if Webster is selected it will use it to check spellings. By default the Webster dictionary is selected by most word processing applications. The reason for this is that the popular word processors available in the market today have been made by American companies.

To cater for both the popular dialects grammarchecker.co provides an option for users of whether they want the submitted document to be checked as English or American English. You should test a document in both the versions and you will see the difference. Grammarchecker.co is one of the few grammar checker applications that cater for both dialects.