Will grammarchecker always be a free to use application?

The answer to this question is ‘Yes’, it will always be a ‘free to use’ application. The aim of launching this application is to help people improve their English writing skills and overcome their tendencies to make common grammar mistakes. There is no hidden agenda of getting users to start using the application and at some time in the future ask them to pay for it. This certainly is not the policy that grammarchecker.co plans to follow. Yes, we are aware of the fact that some of the other grammar checker applications available on the internet are following this policy, but we have no plans to do that. We studied people’s writing habits and noted that they will not like to spend those extra few minutes in performing a grammar check . Of if they do they have to both download and install the application and perform periodic updates and they also have to pay for these applications. People willingly pay to purchase a word processor application as their work depends on it. They have to communicate with others and for that they need a word processor. But most of us think that since we speak fluently we can also write fluently and therefore why should we pay to get a grammar checker that may or may not check all grammar mistakes.

Grammarchecker.co wants people to feel free to use the application without any fears or hesitations. Another reason for keeping it as a free application is that we are constantly improving it and we don’t want to indulge in the practice of users using different versions of it. Whenever a user uses it, he or she will be using the current version. It’s a free application and will always be a free application. It’s as simple as that.