What types of document content can grammarchecker check?

Grammarchecker.co has been designed, programmed and launched to perform grammar check on virtually any English document. If you mean can grammarcehecker.co check mathematical and scientific papers, the answer is ‘yes’. Of course it won’t point out any formulae or equation or any other mathematical or scientific error. But what it will do is, point out grammatical mistakes in the paper. Grammarchecker.co is neither a mathematician nor a scientist nor qualified in any other academic discipline. Yes, what it does know how to do is to check spelling and grammar errors in any type of document that’s submitted for checking? All the grammar rules have been programmed in it. What grammarchecker.co does is that it checks spelling and grammar mistakes. Most often misspell words cause grammar mistakes. Once the spelling is corrected the sentence gets corrected. It’s quite common to spot grammatical mistakes in scientific papers, and this is understandable. The scholar is so engrossed in getting the facts right that they don’t bother about grammar or following its rules.

On the other hand grammarchecker.co is only interested in checking the spelling and the grammar of the document and not the mathematical or scientific notations. Yes, you might submit a document which has words which do not exist in any of the popular dictionaries and grammarchecker.co will single it out as a spelling mistake. It won’t offer any suggestions either. Grammarchecker.co will check any English document that’s submitted for grammar check. It’s not a linguistic expert nor is it a professor of any educational discipline, all that it’s been programmed to do is to check for grammar mistakes. This job it does, and does it well. Submit any document and the results should please you.