Will grammarchecker help to improve writing skills?

All English language students are taught the basic rules of grammar like: starting a sentence with a capital; using a verb and a noun in a sentence; when a sentence is complete use appropriate punctuation; make sure to use the correct tense, etc. These are just a sample of the grammar rules that we are taught to follow when speaking and writing. When we speak we follow the rules of grammar as only then will the other person understand what we are saying. We use our tone of voice, add pauses or stress on a particular word. Unconsciously we are applying the rules of grammar in our speech. However, when it comes to writing we tend to forget some of the basic grammar rules. We are likely to make mistakes when we want to stress on a word. For example if we write “this is absolutely wrong”, we are stressing a authority by using “absolutely”. If we write “this is wrong”, both the sentences will convey the same meaning but one will lack the authority that has been stressed in one sentence. Grammar checker will highlight “absolutely” as a redundant word in the first sentence. Which will leave it your judgment whether you want to ignore this or not.

This has been explained to show you one of the types of errors that grammar checker will point out. When you see such errors in your writing you will unconsciously be absorbing them in your memory. Such grammar tips will help you in improving your writing skills. Yes, when you use grammar checker regularly you will become a better writer. The suggestions that you will be presented with by grammar checker will make you rethink the composition of your sentences. You will see your writing skills improving by regularly using grammar checker to check your documents.